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GitHub Migration

first post: JohnLBevan wrote: Project has been migrated to GitHub:

Worksheet Merge Macro

first post: johnlbevan wrote: Please use this thread to discuss the Worksheet Merge Macro.

latest post: JohnLBevan wrote: No problem, thank you for such pleasant feedback :).JB

How do you use the Translate macro in a spreadsheet?

first post: mfriedma wrote: I don't normally use MS Office, but I need to for a project and I n...

latest post: johnlbevan wrote: NB: a bug has been reported to me regarding the Google Translate ma...

Request Macros

first post: johnlbevan wrote: Please use this board to request any functionality not already cove...

latest post: johnlbevan wrote: I had a request to modify the AutoNaming macro (see post above) to ...


first post: JohnLBevan wrote: Donating MoneyA few people have offered to pay me to create macros ...

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